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12/25/2016 / By Mike Adams
SNOPES David Mikkelson escort

The propagandizing “fact-checking” website SNOPES is being run by a whore-digger who defrauded the publisher out of $98,000 to hire

12/22/2016 / By David Gutierrez

(NaturalNews) Tens of thousands of residents of Corpus Christi, Texas, are still being told not to use their tap water

12/20/2016 / By Daniel Barker

After five years of study aimed at assessing the potential impact of fracking on drinking water supplies, the EPA has

12/16/2016 / By Vicki Batts

Three years ago, a farmer in North Dakota discovered one of the largest crude oil spills to ever be recorded

12/13/2016 / By David Gutierrez

(NaturalNews) Thousands of snow geese were burned and poisoned to death when they landed in a Montana mine tailings lake

12/13/2016 / By Mike Adams

As a person of color, I’ve always wondered about my heritage. It’s a natural thing to ponder your ancestors: their

11/29/2016 / By Martin Mavis

“The official cover story for the public was that the Aerosols were for enhanced communications between satellites and ground, air

10/26/2016 / By Martin Mavis

This study found metal nanoparticles like aluminum, barium and titanium in human brains.

07/28/2016 / By frackingwatch

Even before Hillary Clinton announced her running mate last Friday, the press has been writing extensively about Virginia Sen. Tim

07/28/2016 / By frackingwatch

You know the old saying: “Another day, another study linking fracking to health problems.” (Article by Katie Herzog) A new study

07/28/2016 / By frackingwatch

Asthma is more common in children and adults living near fracking locations in the United States. An 8-year-study in Pennsylvania

07/28/2016 / By frackingwatch

Progressives betrayed! Democratic party official platform is pro-fracking, pro-Monsanto, pro-TPP, and anti-GMO labeling | 26 July 2016 | …The democratic

07/28/2016 / By frackingwatch

Assessing the climate impacts of 19 natural gas projects, advocacy group says it guarantees high carbon emissions. (Article by Phil

07/28/2016 / By frackingwatch

With about 42,000 active wells, Kern County, California is home to three-quarters of California’s oil drilling and 95 percent of

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