What you need to know about Tim Kaine and his pro-fracking standing.

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Even before Hillary Clinton announced her running mate last Friday, the press has been writing extensively about Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, who will speak tonight at the Democratic National Convention.

(Article by Karin Kamp)

When Kaine bounced up to the microphone in Miami on Saturday, where Clinton introduced him as her vice presidential pick, he joked that for many it may not only be the first time they heard him speak but “the first time you have heard my name.”

That kind of self-deprecating humor is part of the reason why many describe the Kaine as a “nice guy” liked by both Democrats and Republicans, writes The Washington Post’s Paul Schwartzman. He may be nice, but in terms of his policy positions, some see him as an “anti-progressive,” as Demos’ Nomi Prins describes him. It’s a selection that reveals Clinton’s “desperate need for those last few months of campaign contributions,” she writes.


Tunes and Orthography

Kaine’s love affair with the harmonica, which he picked up as a young boy, is the subject of a feature piece by the New York Times’ Nick Corasaniti. Kaine, who, according to The Week, “carries several harmonicas in his briefcase,” is seen here serenading some of his constituents awake on Washington, DC TV station WJLA.

Another unusual distinction: the senator in 2013 won the National Press Club’s once-every-100 year spelling bee for politicians and journalists in a nearly two-hour marathon, which the Kainiacs among you can watch here in its entirety. (Pro tip: Things really get heated around the 1:30 mark.) Among the words Kaine successfully negotiated on his way to becoming Washington’s grown-up spelling champion: nescience,peripatetic and nonpareil.

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